Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a broad group of DNA-containing viruses of Papillomaviridae family which are responsible for the development of warts, condylomas, premalignant changes in the anogenital area and development of cervical cancer. PCR is the most informative method in papillomavirus infection diagnostics. DNA typing of Human papilloma virus is required to evaluate the risk of cervical carcinoma pathology. NextBio Ltd. offers reagent kits for PCR detection, assay and typing of human papilloma viruses.

Key features of reagent kits for PCR diagnostics of papillomavirus infection manufactured by NextBio Ltd.

  • Quantitative assay for all reagent kits
  • Single amplification program for all reagent kits
  • Convenient and ergonomic packages of complete sets
  • Possibility for automatization
  • High quality and reliability
  • Multiplex analysis
  • Automatic interpretation of the results obtained
  • Adaptable for a wide range of thermocyclers