The most important feature of polymerase chain reaction is its high sensitivity. Due to the large number of assays performed in clinical laboratory diagnostics, there is a high risk of contamination of laboratory premises and equipment with PCR products from the previous amplifications. Transfer contamination, which leads to false-positive test results, is also highly possible. Decontamination of surfaces and equipment is often labour-intensive and time-consuming. NextBio Ltd. offers a nucleic acid deactivation solution suitable for decontamination of all types of surfaces in 30 minutes.

Key features of nucleic acid deactivation solution manufactured by NextBio Ltd.

  • Developed for cleaning of laboratory furniture surfaces and walls from contamination by nucleic acids (DNA or RNA)
  • Intended for laboratories performing molecular biological tests
  • Suitable for glass, steel, aluminium, plastic and ceramic surfaces
  • Does not inhibit PCR and reverse transcription
  • Totally safe for people
  • Exposure time is only 30 minutes
  • Does not require rinsing after use
  • Manufactured in three forms: packaged into a 250 mL vial with an aerosol sprayer, 1 L vial without an aerosol sprayer or 5 L canister