Nucleic acid extraction from clinical samples is an important stage of sample preparation before biochemical and diagnostic processes. The reaction of reverse transcription, amplification of target sequenses and fluorescence signal reading during accumulation of amplification products in real-time PCR assays, as well as cloning, sequencing, hybridisation, nucleic acid synthesis, etc. cannot be performed directly on test samples without prior extraction and further purification of nucleic acids. NextBio Ltd. offers nucleic acid extraction kits providing means for working with the widest possible range of clinical materials.

Nucleic acid extraction reagent kits manufactured by NextBio Ltd.

  • Developed for a wide range of clinical materials
  • Ensure the maximum removal of inhibiting impurities from the sample
  • Guarantees the highest yield of nucleic acids
  • Intended for qualitative and quantitative PCR test systems
  • Does not contain hazardous chemicals
  • Intended for manual and automated nucleic acid extraction
  • Shortest extraction time