Clinical laboratory diagnostics

Early detection of contagious diseases in patients is of paramount importance for their fast and full recovery and even for saving their lives in severe cases because it allows for seeking medical assistance at the first signs of the disease regardless of the patient's condition and its severity. It also is highly important for the epidemiological safety of the population.

It is possible to accomplish all these tasks by laboratory diagnostics. A modern laboratory must have highly qualified employees and modern equipment, as well as highly sensitive tests meeting all current production and quality requirements, along with auxiliary consumables allowing proper collection, preservation and preparation of clinical material for further analysis in order to make an early, accurate, complete and utmost specific diagnosis, which can be used as the basis for rational and efficient therapy, that also makes it possible to predict most of possible courses and outcomes of the disease, and in infectious pathology — serving as the initial point for timely and targeted anti-epidemic and preventive measures.

Using the latest biotechnology achievements from Russia and all over the world, NextBio Ltd. develops and manufactures products intended for performing a full cycle of PCR diagnostics in clinical laboratory practice. The list of NextBio Ltd. products includes:

  • reagents for the pre-analytical stage,
  • nucleic protein extraction kits,
  • PCR test systems,
  • reagents for decontamination of laboratory facilities.