Sheep and goat breeding is a systematically developing livestock breeding area that can act as an alternative to pig breeding in the regions where African swine fever was detected.

Among numerous small cattle diseases, infectious diseases deserve special attention due to their fast spread in the herd. These diseases can lead to a sharp decrease in animal productivity and deteriorated sanitary quality of the products manufactured. In many cases, they can significantly increase the mortality and rejection of sick animals.

Any infection causes significant damage to the farm. This not only includes the rejection of sick animals or the decrease in their productivity but also the costs of animal treatment and measures to restore the farm operation. A disease always has its consequences, even if it does not cause the loss of an animal. It can lead to stunted growth, weight loss as well as the loss of productivity and performance of animals.

Livestock breeders shall pay attention to early diagnosis and routine monitoring of latent carriers to decrease the economic losses caused by infectious diseases.