Majority of PCR assays include nucleic acid extraction stage to obtain NA, which is then used for PCR (or RT-PCR). The nucleic acid extraction techniques which are most common in clinical laboratory diagnostics can be grouped into precipitation and adsorption techniques. Thus, the current level of development of PCR for in vitro diagnostics sets the trend for creating universal reagent kits and procedures allowing for efficient DNA/RNA extraction from any biological material used in clinical practice. NextBio Ltd. offers universal reagent kits for nucleic acid extraction based on the use of magnetic particles. Magnetic separation is a cutting-edge, simple and efficient way of DNA and RNA extraction and purification which results in high yield of nucleic acids, sufficient for further analysis by polymerase chain reaction with AmpliPrime diagnostic reagent kits. Extraction by magnetic particles is easy to automate on various robotic workstations of different capacities, making it possible to reduce time and the amount of consumables in the clinical laboratory due to the absence of centrifugation stages. Yet, if necessary, the magnetic particles can be settled using a centrifuge or a magnetic stand. This provides means for using extraction kits manufactured by NextBio Ltd. both for manual extraction and for extraction on modern automated extraction and sample preparation stations.