Respiratory tract infections are associated with a wide range of microorganisms and viruses. The symptoms of acute respiratory diseases are non-specific and thus prevent reliable pathogen identification. PCR diagnostics of respiratory tract infections allows for fast differentiation of the major ARVI pathogens. Test sensitivity is primarily determined by the reagents used, as well as the type of transport medium for clinical material collection. It is essential to use specialised media for transportation and storage of biological material (for example, transportation medium for respiratory swab storage).

NextBio Ltd. offers PCR systems for detection, analysis and typing of etiological agents in infections of respiratory tract, including a reagent kit for detection of the novel coronavirus infection.

Key features of PCR diagnostics reagent kits for diagnostics of respiratory tract infections manufactured by NextBio Ltd.

  • Quantitative assay for all reagent kits
  • Single amplification program for all reagent kits
  • Convenient and ergonomic packages of complete sets
  • Possibility for automatization
  • High quality and reliability
  • Multiplex analysis
  • Automatic interpretation of the results obtained
  • Adaptable for a wide range of thermocyclers
  • Protection from contamination