Veterinary / food safety

The current realities and agrarian business requirements call for fast, high-quality and reproducible decisions for animal diagnostics and raw material analysis. The method of real-time polymerase chain reaction offers the researcher a means to quickly and accurately evaluate animal health, the safety of foods and animal feeds, and detect counterfeits in them.

NextBio, a biotech company, develops and produces reagent kits for diagnostics of animal infectious diseases, identification and quantification of genetically modified plants, and also kits for analysis of raw material components in food and animal feed by real-time PCR.

Reagent kits manufactured by NextBio have a some of undeniable advantages:

  • one reagent kit can be used to extract DNA and RNA;
  • one nucleic acid extraction kit can be used for any type of sample;
  • nucleic acid extraction kits can be used both for manual and automated extraction;
  • uniform nucleic acid extraction control is used at the NA extraction stage;
  • uniform amplification program is used at the PCR stage;
  • reagent kits are easy to store, no dekitting is required;
  • common PCR pipetting format;
  • Automated PCR pipetting;
  • automatic interpretation of PCR results using FRT Manager software.