Timely diagnostics of infections in farm animals allows for a quick and accurate diagnosis establishment, detection of latent infections, prompt treatment and isolation of sick animals. The PCR analysis used in veterinary diagnostics is based on DNA amplification. It allows detecting pathogenic bacteria and viruses even when other methods (for example, immunological, bacteriological methods, microscopy, etc.) cannot detect them. An animal PCR test can be used to diagnose a wide range of diseases that differ in their course (acute, chronic, latent) and spread (from sporadic cases to epizooty) as well as in the complexity of diagnosis.

Advantages of PCR analysis for diagnosis of infectious agents:

  • direct detection of pathogen presence;
  • high specificity and sensitivity;
  • universal procedure for detecting multiple pathogens in one tube (multiplex format);
  • fast analysis results;
  • diagnostic capacity to detect both acute and latent infections

Reagent kits for animal health manufactured by NextBio Ltd.:

  • uniform protocol for nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) extraction;
  • uniform amplification program;
  • uniform control of the nucleic acid extraction stage (ICS);
  • easy to store, no dekitting is required.