PCR analysis has undoubtedly become one of the most popular and affordable techniques for laboratory diagnostics in vitro. This molecular technique is based on amplification of specific DNA sequence (making of multiple copies) due to which concentration of the target DNA sequence in the sample increases by several orders and becomes detectable. If RNA is to be detected, the reaction of reverse transcription is applied first. DNA/RNA analysis is important for clinical diagnostics, which is why quantitative real-time PCR analysis (RT PCR) is used, since it makes it possible to detect the target nucleotide sequence in the sample, as well as to count the number of its copies. Multiplex PCR is increasingly used for more accurate differential diagnostics, since it allows the detection of several target sequences in one clinical sample, which makes it possible to detect several pathogens or mutations at once. Possibilities of PCR analysis for laboratories expand and results can be received quicker. PCR method becomes indispensable in addressing numerous tasks of clinical diagnostics: detection, identification and analysis of pathogens, investigation of properties of pathogenic microorganisms, molecular typing, analysis of mutations related to human genetic conditions and genetic identification of a person in the context of forensic studies.

Advantages of PCR technique in clinical laboratory diagnostics

  • Direct detection of pathogen presence
  • High specificity
  • High sensitivity
  • The procedure is flexible for detection of various pathogens
  • Fast analysis results
  • Ability to diagnose acute and latent infections

Key features of PCR diagnostics reagent kits manufactured by NextBio Ltd.

  • Quantitative assay for all reagent kits
  • Single amplification program for all reagent kits
  • Convenient and ergonomic packages of complete sets
  • Possibility for automatization
  • High quality and reliability
  • Solution for a full-cycle diagnostic PCR laboratory
  • Automatic interpretation of the results obtained
  • Adaptable for a wide range of thermocyclers