In recent years, Russia has seen significant positive growth rates in commercial fish farming, i.e. farming of fish and other aquatic organisms in various recirculating aquaculture systems or engineering devices installed in natural water bodies (rivers, lakes, seas). This method is most often used to grow valuable fish species, such as salmon and sturgeon species.

The limited space and closed circuit of the water body for commercial farming of aquatic organisms can lead to the fast spread of infection in the system. It is therefore recommended to carry out strict control over the young generations bred for breeding as well as periodic monitoring.

Due to its high sensitivity and specificity, direct PCR is the fastest and the most informative method for the detection of infectious diseases in fish.

NextBio Ltd. develops and manufactures reagent kits for the detection of DNA/RNA of infectious disease pathogens in fish. These reagent kits have a convenient format, high sensitivity and specificity.